Where do you conduct your training?

PRM Trainers come to your workplace in Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Central West and other NSW locations on request. When training is held on-site, it allows our staff to better contextualise training to your workplace and emergency procedures. Our trainers are also qualified to bring any safety concerns to your attention. If on-site is not an option, we ask you to organise your own venue.

Who conducts the Training courses?

PRM utilises the skills and experience of qualified and current serving professional emergency services officers. On occasions two trainers may attend your site. This is for the purposes of quality assurance, as we aim to consistently deliver the highest level of training possible.

Will PRM Trainers understand our training requirements?

Yes. During your enquiry and booking we will gather as much information as possible about your company and its requirements. The trainer will arrive 30 minutes before training to review the site and emergency procedures. PRM Trainers have extensive knowledge in many industries including aged care, healthcare, education, mining, construction, government agencies and general workplaces.

What are the requirements for the training day?

We will need you to provide a venue for training that is conducive to an enjoyable learning experience for all involved. It is imperative that the room is clean and free of hazards.

Our trainer/s will require the assistance of a Chief Warden, Manager or similar, who can show them around the site, and brief them on the sites emergency procedures. If an area has been set aside for a practical demonstration, please show this area to our trainer so it can be assessed for safety purposes.

We request that the classroom has access to audio visual equipment/projector, or whiteboard/white wall for us to bring our own projector. You will use equipment, conduct site risk assessments, drills, emergency response exercise.

For first attack firefighting training, PRM will organise delivery to your site, the required number of “training extinguishers” prior to the training day.

Will you contact us close to the training date we booked in?

Yes approximately 1-2 weeks before your training date, our PRM admin staff will send you an email confirming dates, times, location, who your trainer will be.

Will we receive certificates and if so when will they be received?

Yes. We will send you a certificate of attendance (via email in PDF format), and an invoice for our services will follow. This will typically take 7-10 days. To ensure a fast delivery of certificates please ensure all names of attendees are supplied to the trainer on the day (preferably typed).

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 304 944 or email