Emergency Planning Services 

Develpment and Maintenance

We consider ourselves the EPC experts. We don’t just bring you to compliance with AS 3745. We make the EPC functional and an asset to the business. We bring along our experience with state based emergency and disaster planning to the workplace. We have established several EPC’s from the ground up, and offer our expertise as external advisors to the EPC’s of several of our clients.

Our interest is making your EPC functional. Not just another committee and another meeting to attend. The EPC should be the go-to place for all emergency related enquiries at work. So, what does an EPC need to be successful? It needs to be visible and active! There are lots of ways the EPC can engage with the occupants of your facility in innovative ways. Step outside the meeting room, and sell emergency planning to your colleagues! It’s to the benefit of the business, its occupants and their safety.

The EPC is a brilliant initiative for your workplace when managed correctly. Give us a call to find out how.

Can your average employee pick up your emergency procedures, and receive an easily delivered message on how to respond to likely workplace emergencies? 
Our emergency plans are industry specific and meet the needs of your building/site. 
Evacuation Diagrams are an often-overlooked safety feature on the road towards compliance.
Some organisations will generate these diagrams in-house and make some errors drifting away from compliance. This can include the size and location of the evacuation diagrams, and the inclusions or items left off altogether.
The all-important diagram on the wall compliant with AS3745, informs occupants as to where the egress points are along with other emergency systems and equipment.

Evacuation Diagrams Hermes

Evacuation Diagram

Evacuation Diagram

Evacuation Diagrams Hermes


Emergency Procedure Guides are used in addition to your emergency procedures.  The flipcharts are used to reference important contacts along with actions that should be taken during an emergency. 


Here at PRM we customise our flipcharts to meet your specific requirements. 

PRM Training can assist businesses of all sizes with their Industry compliance needs including:
  • Health Care 
  • Aged Care 
  • Education 
  • Construction 
  • General Industry 
  • Government