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AS 4083 2010


WHS Regs Clause 43


NSW Health Policy Directive 2010_24

PRM Training proudly offers procedural development and training to multiple public and privately operated health care institutions. Our staff have extensive experience in all aspects of health care evacuation and refuge techniques. Our staff have responded to fires and emergencies in hospitals, day surgeries and aged care. Our training is from a point of firsthand experience. Training is compliant to AS 4083 2010 and relevant state health department directives.

  1. Health care evacuation training (theory and practical)

  2. First attack fire training for health care (theory and practical)

  3. Stage 2 and 3 evacuation exercises and report

  4. Chief Warden training for health care

  5. Planning Committee training and maintenance for health care

  6. Provide CPR training HLTAID001

  7. Provide First aid training HLTAID 003

  8. Provide Advanced First aid training HLTAID006

  9. Provide Advanced Resuscitation techniques training HLTAID007

  10. Evacuation diagrams

  11. Emergency procedures

  12. Emergency response flip charts


Are staff trained annually in evacuation procedures both theory and practical

Are staff trained in the use of on-site firefighting equipment both in theory and practically?

Do you have at least one annual fire/ evacuation drill to a stage 3?

Do you have trained Chief Wardens to act as incident managers across all shifts, including redundancies for sickness or other leave?

Do you have a training program for agency staff who have not attended your annual evacuation and fire training?

Do you have evacuation diagrams through the facility at adequate locations? These must be A3 is size, to scale and include all essential fire safety measures installed in the building. Diagrams must be installed between 1200 and 1600 off the floor

Do you have comprehensive emergency procedures?

Do you have flip charts located throughout the facility?

Do you have an evac bag loaded and equipped for a stage 3 evacuation without any notice?

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