AS 3745 2010


WHS Regs Clause 43


Safe Work Aust Code of Practice

From local government works depots and administration buildings, to state and federal parliaments, government at all levels provide individual and ever-changing emergency profiles. PRM staff have been working with local, state and federal government bodies for many years. Our consultancy and training is based on our experiences in these venues where some include industrial environments with chemicals and heavy plant and machinery, to sensitive areas such as government houses whereby large gatherings occur with high value persons. Each environment has its own set of potential emergency risks, and our consultancy and emergency training is based on these potential local events. PRM staff will assist to ensure the emergency procedures of the venue reflects the risk profile of the business. These emergency procedures shall provide the backbone to our workplace emergency response training.


  1. Workplace Warden training

  2. Evacuation exercise or skills maintenance ex ercises

  3. First attack training

  4. Chief Warden training

  5. Emergency Planning Committee training and maintenance

  6. Hazardous materials response training

  7. Low voltage rescue training

  8. Evacuation diagrams

  9. Emergency procedures

  10. Provide CPR training HLTAID001

  11. Provide First aid training HLTAID 003

  12. Provide Advanced First aid training HLTAID006

  13. Provide Advanced Resuscitation techniques training HLTAID007

  14. Work Safely at Heights RIIOHS204A

  15. Enter and Work in Confined Spaces RIIOHS202A




Do all staff participate in an annual evacuation exercise? Do you implement positive change based on the findings of these exercises?

Are staff trained in the use of on-site firefighting equipment?

Do you have enough Wardens for the size and complexity of your workplace? Don’t forget to cover all times the site is operational, and include redundancies for staff absences.

Do you have trained Chief Wardens to act as incident managers at all times, including redundancies for sickness or other leave?

Do you have enough first aid officers commensurate to the size of the workplace?

Do you have sufficient first aid resources commensurate to the workplace and risk?

Do you have evacuation diagrams through the facility at adequate locations? These must be A3 is size, to scale and include all essential fire safety measures installed in the building. Diagrams must be installed between 1200 and 1600 off the floor

Do you have comprehensive emergency procedures?

Have you nominated ‘lock down’ or ‘refuge in place’ areas for staff?

Do you conduct annual CPR refresher training as per Aust Resus Council guidelines?