Evacuation Diagrams are an often-overlooked safety feature on the road towards compliance.

Some organisations will generate these diagrams in-house and make some errors drifting away from compliance. This can include the size and location of the evacuation diagrams, and the inclusions or items left off altogether. The all-important diagram on the wall, informs occupants as to where the egress points are along with other emergency systems and equipment.

PRM staff will create evacuation diagrams that complement the site emergency plan.


So how many do you need on the wall, and where should they be placed?

The answer should come from the business Emergency Planning Committee and PRM staff will give you direction as well.


PRM staff will generate your evac diagrams from scratch. If you have building plans to assist that’s great, if not we can sort that out as well. We will recommend you place them in strategic locations, and learn to use them as incident management tools during emergencies.

PRM will supply your diagrams either in PDF Format, Printed & Laminated plus for a professional look you can add our easy to use snap-lock frames. This will allow you to take the diagram out of the frame, and use it as a hand-over tool when emergency services arrive on-site during your emergency.

Are your current Evacuation Diagrams compliant to the requirements as per Australian Standard 3745-2010?

Watch our video below to check your diagrams are right!