PRM Training is a quality driven company. We are experts in all matters relating to the prevention and response to commercial and residential fires and other emergencies.

PRM Training staff are at the forefront of our industry.

We are driven by excellence and quality. PRM Training has been supplying quality training and consultancy to our clients since 2011. We maintain the highest standards in all areas of our business.


We have specifically chosen the best people in their chosen area of expertise. Our staff uphold the highest personal standards of service and delivery, which is why we proudly offer their services to you.


 Aaron has a keen interest in emergency planning and management. Aaron started with PRM Training in 2011 with a vision of partnering with our clients to develop feasible emergency plans, backed up by the best emergency management training available. Aaron has handpicked his team of trainers and consultants as the best in the field. Aaron has a passion for customer service and is results driven. Aaron is a professional firefighter by trade, and brings his experience to the board room or the training class room.

Aaron Gormly
Owner and lead trainer 
PRM Training

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Our most long standing trainer, Rod is one of the best educators in our industry hands down. Rod came to us with 10 years of training service under the belt. He is highly regarded by his peers and by our clients, and gives 110% to every training delivery. He is a current serving firefighter with nearly 20 years’ experience.

Rod’s specialty areas include healthcare evacuation training, first attack fire training, Workplace Warden training and Chief Warden training.

Rod Peterson
Emergency Management Specialist
tim 2.jpg

Tim Lloyd has trained with PRM since 2017. Tim is a current serving professional firefighter (12 years) . Tim is a HAZMAT technician and is rescue qualified. 

Tim's expert areas include Confined Spaces, Working Safeky at Heights (WSAH) and HAZMAT. Tim is PRM's Risk assessment and procedural expert. 

Tim Lloyd 
Emergency Management Specialist
Healthcare Disability Evacuation Specialist 

Mr Detail. That sums up Ross quite simply. He wants to know everything there is to know about our clients, so the training delivery is as site specific as possible. Ross is a Station Officer as a professional firefighter, and has a strong Hazmat background. Ross is our go-to guy for all matters concerning chemicals and other nasty things found on the worksite. Ross has excelled in recent times with his Warden training delivery, receiving wide acclaim for his ‘down to earth’ presentation style. He has turned a dry subject into an easy to understand matter with value for the participants.

Ross Bramich
Emergency Management Specialist 

Joel Kelly has trained with PRM since 2018. Joel is a current serving professional firefighter (12 years) and is stationed in Western Sydney. In his role Joel responds to emergencies in all building classifications. Joel has expertise in Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) training, evacuation diagram development and emergency plan generation.

Joel Kelly 
Emergency Management Specialist 

Amy is a highly skilled office professional with the capability of working to strict deadlines, delivering high levelled customer service and administrative support.

With over 6 year experience in the field of Administration, Amy is a valued member of the PRM team.

Amy Gorham
Business Support